Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bluff City Coffee/Alice in Wonderland

The day started out by streaming the last episode of season 3 of 30rock. Netflix is one of my personal faves right now with their "right-now" attitude. How I love my TV on demand...

Outside was beautiful and Grant and I wanted to seize it! We started to trek over to the train station to check out The Memphis Farmer's Market--only to our dismay--to find it not open yet for the season :( On the bright side, it is still a pleasant day!

I dragged Grant into Bluff City Coffee. I've seen it many times, but have never been inside. Grant is not quite the connoisseur of coffee, but I do enjoy a good cup of Joe from time to time. I had a vanilla latte: the deliciousness of a cappuccino minus the horrid foam, a plus in my book! My coffee was quite delicious. I would highly recommend Bluff City Coffee if you like the upscale-ness of a Starbucks but with a downtown vibe. Downside: a cup of coffee will still run you about 4 bucks.

Bluff City Coffee. 505 South Main Street. Memphis, TN 38103. 901-405-4399.

Off to tromp around town and run errands. Since we were in the area, we decided to have a Whole Foods experience. I have heard people rave about Whole Foods: concept, environment, salad bar, etc... Loved the store! It completely fascinated me that you could make fresh peanut butter in the store! Also, Whole Foods is having a special right now: if you buy a rack of ribs for $15, you get the coleslaw, chips, and bbq sauce for free. Can't beat dinner for two for only $15! We are definitely taking them up on this offer in the very near future.

Time for dinner with the friends! Grant and I met up with some friends at Chili's to grab some dinner before Alice in Wonderland 3D at the Paradiso. I frequent the Paradiso often when I go see a movie and never ceases to amaze me how the parking lot is always full! Luckily once inside, we found 4 seats together at the top of the theater. The film was very true to the Tim Burton style. The dark and gritty side of children's stories. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't as much humor as I expected in the film. It still was worth the money. The beast, in the film, is called a jabberwocky. Thought: I wonder if that is what the dance crew is named after??

As we leave the theater, it begins to rain---we quickly part ways and hurry back to our cars.

That's the end to a rather wonderful day

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