Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Sunday @ Cafe Eclectic

I wanted to hit up a bakery today and my first choice was Big Ono since it is just around the corner. Sad news---they aren't open on Sundays! (or Saturdays for that matter...) I will have to save them to visit for another day.

The next contender was Cafe Eclectic in Harbor Town. I read an article a while back about them opening another location a little bit closer than Midtown. Grant and I decided to walk the 5-mile round trip. This seemed like an easy task except that I didn't account for the cold, fast wind. Lets just say It was a looong 5 miles...

With our desitination in mind, we headed to Harbor Town where the orange circle marked the spot!
After being throughly chilled from our walk, we were ready for some warm grub! The staff was very friendly (kudos to them!) and recommended egg & cheese (hold the Mc) muffins. Grant and I each had one--except Grant's was on a croissant. Our beverages of choice were tea & a vanilla latte.

Grant's tea looked like a sea creature.

It was very cute!

After filling our bellies and reading the paper, our oh-so-fabulous barista boys gave us two comp donuts! We both chose cake donuts: mine blueberry and Grant's chocolate.

An interesting fact: Cafe Eclectic's pastries and artisian breads are made fresh daily at their midtown location. The sodas are bottled and bought from a Tennessean company and the meat is from a local butcher shop. I love their conscious effort to reduce their impact on the environment and supporting their community by buying local!

Just around the corner is Miss Cordelia's. I've heard so much about it I wanted to take a stroll through it.
Miss Cordelia's was a great little quick-shop grocery that had many unique things to offer. Definitely worth the trip!

On the walk home, I stopped for a photo-op by the Pyramid:

Now time to relax on our "Happy Sunday"

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