Saturday, March 27, 2010

"I Love Memphis" party at South Of Beale

Reader note: Sorry that this blog update is a tad late; I was busy this week, and I do apologize!

March 22nd, 2010:
I rushed home from work to stop in at S.O.B. to join the " I love Memphis" party. It was definitely packed with an assortment of bloggers and whatnot from around town. Kerry writes the "I love Memphis" blog and she had cake and prizes for all of the guests that came to the party.

Grant grabbed a beer & I grabbed a chance at a photo-op:

An interesting individual I met was Dr. Harold Toboggans. He is a comedic psychologist with a fantastic fake mustache. His blog is His "counseling sessions" can also be found on YouTube

I did run into Paul Ryburn who writes a great journal: He writes on his daily thoughts as a downtown resident. He also keeps his readers up to date on the fire sale's at the flying saucer. I hovered (my--do I hate hovering!)and got up the nerve to ask him if he was Paul Ryburn and I then proceeded to tell him that I read his blog. I felt like a major creeper. I introduced myself but couldn't get up the nerve to ask him for a picture. Grant graciously broke that ice for me!

Here's the photo:

1 thing I remember from our meet-n-greet: he was discussing a "ball-like" dessert that didn't taste very good. I secretly laughed to myself because he was talking about
The 1 thing that I am grateful for is that I wasn't mentioned in his blog as some creepy girl asking for a pic....

Grant and I left the party and had dinner at Rio Loco
we both ordered their Enchilada specialty:

I do love rice & beans. They are the perfect compliment to any Mexican dinner! yum :)

It was a great night out!

Rio Loco 117 Union Avenue (866) 920-0926

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