Sunday, March 21, 2010

Donald's Donuts

Today was a very lazy Sunday! After waking up and checking my email, Grant and I head out to get donuts!

We first decided on Kroger because they are having a sale on vitamin water 10, but to our dismay---they only had the original vitamin waters. Heck no we don't want 125 calories per bottle we are perfectly fine with our 25. We left Kroger in haste and went to the fabulous Donald's Donuts.

We bought an 1/2 dozen assorted donuts. The cinnamon roll is not a true cinnamon roll as I thought. It is a giant donut with cinnamon inside, FYI! I am quite content with my blueberry cake donut and classic chocolate glazed--yum!

Donald's Donuts. 1776 Union Ave. Memphis. 901.725.5595

While we ate our donuts, we sipped on OJ and watched The Spiderwick Chronicles--very cute movie. We lounged and I napped for the rest of the day (Have to get prepared for Mondays, boo!)

Tomorrow the "I Love Memphis" blogger is throwing a party at S.O.B. on South Main----Uber excited! It will be from 5-7pm with drink specials.

Grant and I will definitely be making an appearance.

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